Reza Nemati


me and my friend majid hosseinzadeh designed and developed spinews entire cms and template. majid designed the template for the website and i did all the programing for cms. it was a news reader that admin set specific list of RSS feed from any website he wanted in any category than system create a table in DB for that category and a crawler file. every 2 minute crawlers was sent to gather any new data from RSS urls and fetch them then insert to database. database and CMS was designed very professionally to be able to handle any type of stress and reduce resource usage on server.
it was one of my best works <3

Programing languages PHP,AJAX,JSON
Template fully responsive by bootstrap 3.3.5,CSS3,animate.css,…

copotak was a group buying web site like groupon or netbarg , i joined the team in the middle of project and did a lot of changes to make it work properly (it was a mess). but unfortunately copotak project didn’t succeeded it the way that company wanted it to go at targeted cities so they shut it down.

Programing language PHP,AJAX,JSON
Template Html,css,javascript

hi, i started‘s project about 8 years ago, it based on sharetronix cms but over the year and such big amount of reprogramming and changing the structure of sharetronix it became a new cms and now i call it parsclub cms, parsclub is a social networking system for persian users and have a lot of similarities with instagram,facebook and twitter.

Programing languages PHP,AJAX,JSON
Templatefully responsive by bootstrap 3.3.5,CSS3,animate.css,…
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other infoit has a android app for better access